2020, what a shitshow!

So tickled at the progress we have made on Margie! She is officially registered as a passenger van instead of a commercial vehicle! Took a little doing but this was the best way to get her registered and then insured as an RV. The bed, couch and kitchenette are in but not Plumbed yet. We took our first over night excursion to the coast at the start of the pandemic. The dogs loved it! I think I need better cushions on the couch, plan on hitting the end of summer sales for those! So the title is 2020, what a shitshow for good reason..pandemic, murder hornets, the president(my site, my opinion) and now fire evacuations. On Tuesday September 8th, Margie became our evacuation vehicle. We were on the cusp of having to evacuate our area due to a wildfire that had already decimated 2 towns here in S. Oregon, Phoenix(appropriately named) And Talent. Neal said, Don’t you want to take Beetle(my VW bug), no I cannot live in my beetle. We were fortunate that we never got to “level 3 go now” orders. But I can assure you it was a sleepless night. The next project will be the plumbing of Margie. We have a 23 gallon water tank, pump system and 4 gallon hot water heater ready to go! Our sink is set up so we can pivot the faucet out of the window for an outdoor shower. The the handle has a shut off so we can pause the water for conservation. Well, it’s my final day of a two week staycation/vacation So at this point I’m pretty certain Godzilla’s going to show up, it seems only fitting…Stay safe, wear your mask, I’ll check back in!

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